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Hello readers, the past few months we've been busy bumble beas. Such a lot of madness going on, though I must admit it has been good madness! My best friend married her love on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. We had the pleasure of going and oh so enjoyed the beauty of the country and wedding. (stay tuned for some photos).

                       IMG_4772[1] IMG_5237[1]

Moving on... I wish to share with you a new love of mine. It comes in the form of an appady app!
Those of you who don't use VSCO Cam as your primary photo editing software are MISSING OUT on something wonderful. I've been a user for a couple of years and now that they have just launched their new (and improved) app I have fallen in love all over again! Its professional and follows a distinct aesthetic that I warm too. The app also includes a high quality camera (for iphone) which allows you to take photos using the exposure key and also a focus key, something the iphone camera doesn't provide. The editing can be done manually or by using some of their genius presets. The thing I love most of all is the quality of the photos you edit. Unlike other photo editing apps they reduce the original quality of the photo, VSCO keeps everything fine and dandy!

    IMG_6110[1] IMG_6010[1]
I have recently had the honor of launching my own VSCO Grid, something that will soon be available to all users. I was also pretty chuffed when one of my pictures was featured in their online journal here, yay!

Any whooo here are a few snaps of mine taken using the app. If you follow me on IG most of my grams are vsco proof.

       IMG_4658[1] IMG_5012[1]

 Download and enjoy (especially you instagram addicts) I promise its worth a peek :)

Good day to you all!  xo


  1. That baby pic is the biz, great light. Are you a photographer too? Wicked work

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